Girls really do like F1 too!

Follow along to see a young woman’s take on the crazy world that is Formula 1.

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Back in Baku

You may have noticed that I had a bit of a mini-hiatus for the last few races. I was finishing my degree and so had to focus on my dissertation (a documentary about women in motorsport) for a little bit, but I’m back to focusing solely on everything motorsport related now! I’ve always liked BakuContinue reading “Back in Baku”

Don’t rain on my parade

Well I was not expecting such an exciting race at a track where overtaking isn’t very easy but I must say I enjoyed that one! Starting with the podium – Max Verstappen was dominant all race, getting ahead of Hamilton into the first chicane and then leading throughout, although even he made a mistake onContinue reading “Don’t rain on my parade”

It’s Lights Out…

…And away we go, both with the blog and with Formula 1. There have been plenty of changes over the winter that I was hoping would make for a great season, and if this first race was anything to go by then we’re in for a good one! Qualifying gave us hope that this seasonContinue reading “It’s Lights Out…”

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