Girls really do like F1 too!

Follow along to see a young woman’s take on the crazy world that is Formula 1.

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Red Flags Galore!

We didn’t know what to expect for our first race at Mugello, but we certainly didn’t expect TWO red flags and three safety cars! Luckily all drivers involved are okay, showing just how improved safety is nowadays. Just like in the F3 race this morning we had a safety car pretty much straight away. ItContinue reading “Red Flags Galore!”

More of that please!

What a day! A race that was totally unexpected – this is why I love F1, for the races like this where the underdogs come from behind and win the race. It was also a bittersweet weekend for Williams, as this weekend marked the last race for the Williams family in F1 and ends SirContinue reading “More of that please!”

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