Girls really do like F1 too!

Follow along to see a young woman’s take on the crazy world that is Formula 1.

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It’s Lights Out…

…And away we go, both with the blog and with Formula 1. There have been plenty of changes over the winter that I was hoping would make for a great season, and if this first race was anything to go by then we’re in for a good one! Qualifying gave us hope that this seasonContinue reading “It’s Lights Out…”

A Season in Review

When the 2020 season was cancelled before it had even begun back in March, I don’t think anyone could have expected the races that were to come. We have new race winners and first time podium finishers, and more different drivers on the podium than we have had for quite a few seasons. My favouriteContinue reading “A Season in Review”

2020 Over and Out

Well that certainly was a season to remember. It may have been a sedate end to the year, but the season as a whole certainly wasn’t, with 17 races in just 23 weeks! In March I was unsure that we would get any racing at all this year, but all of the teams and everyoneContinue reading “2020 Over and Out”

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